Saturday, July 29, 2006 10:00 AM

Hi! I'm chatting with Winona [my friend, who's in the states na] & Khaycee. Well, eto aga ko nagonlyn kasi I want to learn more about HTML. I know the basic! Pero yung effects, I'm not really familiar. Anyway, kaya pala ko nag-aaral ng HTML, kasi I'm one of the representative of our section dun sa WebPage Making about St. Rose of Lima. Eto yung site. Eerie-Silence & Glamour-Beauty. Thanks to Dee, again. Hehe. New layout huh!? You know what!? I'm so senti right now. Lol. Idk why. I'm so like weird these past few days. I want to have a boyfriend. But, it's kind of impossible. 'Cus duh! I'm studying in an exclusive school. Sick of being single! Haha. Lol. Not that much. Uhmn. Craving for boyfriend!? Haha. Just kidding. Enough of that!
Yesterday was the Club Activity Day. Weee. Ayun, I learned the basic strokes & the foot works. Ang saya! Lol. Ang taray nung isang nag-train sa'min. Suyosa ba yun. Lol. Pero she's kind to me. Hehe. Kapagod nga eh! Pero cool & asteeg din. Tas, idk kung nagalit sa'kin yung isang 1st year dun. Felice ata yung name!? If she's mad at me, sorry. Idk lang kung anong reason!
I miss my batchmates sa PCS! Waaaa. Field trip nila kahapon. What a coincidence!? Field trip din nila Charmaine. Charmaine, is my friend since Kinder kami. Nice one! She's my first bestfriend. Then, nag-transfer siya sa PCC, tas now nasa Antipolo na. Lupet! Layo ng nararating noh!? Hehe. Anyways, nakakainggit kasi nagkita sila ng mga batchmates namin. Sa SM Mall of Asia. Nanuod ata sila ng something! Idk eh. Hehe. My bestie, Roan is sick right now. Wawa naman. Hehe. I was planning pa naman to go to their house later. Kaya lang. Sick eh!? Hehe. Get well soon, Roan. Hey! Bye for now. MuaHugs.


Welcome to my Blog. This is where I express my emotions, struggles, happiness and other stuffs that happened, happening & will happen in my life. No Bashing. This is my own blog so all you have to do is to Respect.

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I'm Rohannie. 12 years young. From the Philippines. High School Freshmen of Colegio De Sta. Rosa - Makati. Simple. Sassy. Sweet. Smart. Single and loving it. I'm not that outgoing but I'm friendly. I'm moody. I'm frank. And speaks my mind. I'm 70% Man hater. For me, Boys are whatever!



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